Old Tactics New Pleasure (1)
Old Tactics New Pleasure is a series of exchanges between Mire Lee (Seoul) and Eva Seufert (Berlin) based on dialogues

Old Tactics / New Pleasure, 2016, Edding on a found stone, with Mire Lee

left and back: Mire Lee: Lazy Thing and Framboises Scupture, middle: Eva Seufert: Vulnerability and birds going to work

Vulnerability, 2016

birds going to work, 2016

Chocolate Piece, 2016

Paris Poems, 2016

Vase de Nuit

Pressure Hat, 2016

Sugar, 2016

window piece, 2016, found material, glasses cloth, wire, t-shirt, needle, nail, 38x32x9 cm

chocolate piece, 2016, found wire, chocolate wrap, 46x49x36 cm

   poem hats, 2015, ink, pigment, watercolor on paper, ca. 50x75x30 cm

free fee time, 2014, pigment on plywood, hinges, hoe, fabric, pin

left elbow, 2014, fabric, steel, 86x104x31 cm

untitled, 2012, umbrella, egg tempera on paper


il lato insoportabile b=d, 2010, hinges, pigment, plywood

sympathy for the devil, 2011, hanger (used for car break), marble board, plinth)

 Mac Guffin, 2011, shoulder pads, thread



Monologue, 2010           



  perfectionists, 2010, plywood, hinges, canes                                                                                                                                               

                                                          fence, 2012, gouache on cardbord, 1x1 m

blauer Dunst, 2009, watercolour on cardboard, 99x58 cm

 flatterer, 1996, cardboard, 59x41x15 cm

zu,  2008, steel, 300x100 cm

fette Henne, 2008, aluminum, bleached fabric, 49x58x32 cm

sleep, 2008, plaster on pillow-slip, plasticine, 64x89x63 cm

obob, 2 branches,fabric,cushion,2013