false folds, 2014, Dada Post, Berlin; crinkly and false folds in my brain, 2012, tempera on paper, 42x30 cm; hang, 2007, spray paint on canvas, 160x140 cm

left elbow, 2014, fabric, steel, 86x104x31 cm

A Mule's Mouth, 2014, exh. view Koffer, Berlin

a mouth full of grass, 2014, egg tempera on paper, 120x78x22 cm

Rhyton in form of a donkeys head (350 BC), pencil on paper, 42x30 cm

different principles, 2014, aluminum and steel wire

                             Fußangeln zu Hauf, exhibition view, scriptings Berlin, 11/2013

Fußangeln, 2013, grill holders found in the park

foreground: zu, 2008, steel, 300x100 cm
background: heap2, 2012, tempera on paper, 175x100 cm

get rid of it, exhibition view family talk, Futura Center Prague, 2012

fountain, egg tempera on paper, 42x30 cm

Exhibition view 'It's all Chinese to me - how abstract can one be?' 2011, after the butcher, Berlin
Pap, found styrofoam, Pap whisks

 collective void, 2011 branch, yogurt cups, chocolate paper, watercolour/paper

                               ill, 2011, fabric, shoulder pads

hanging suspense (2 parts), 2011, bleached fabric, polyester filling
exh. view 'Poor Man's Expression' at Arsenal, Institut für Film u.Videokunst, Berlin

Blaue Flecken, 2010, 8 x pigment/tempera on canvas, Dr.Fahimi's Fensterfrontfestival, Berlin

l'après-midi d'un faune, 2009, bleached fabric, bamboo, thread; acrylic on canvas

 Lautsprecher, 2008, lacquer spray, acrylic on canvas, 76x74 cm
Pavillon, 2006, Autocenter Berlin

Monument to Flavin, 2006

un instant et puis la nuit, 2007, Institut im Glaspavillon an der Volksbühne, Berlin

 Soll und Haben, 2006, Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin

 Salon, 2006, Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin

Eure Katz ist meine Frau (ich erkenne sie genau), 2005, glue Berlin

ne travaillez jamais, 2006, Greifswald/Berlin

Das Verschwinden der Gegenwart, 2009, exh. view fuorizona artecontemporanea, Macerata/Italy