books and editions

a shy room 

72 drawings, 2016, archive ink liner and watercolor on paper, 42x30 cm 

vase de nuit 

a shy room

crying customer  


même tenue en laisse

Jean Morreau se passe

exercises de style

a shy room 2

pleasure pressure
gagnez du temps


Armut für Alle

Bon 6

Bon 2 
crying customer 2
Jeanne Morreau passing

vase de nuit 2

giving it away 

friendship fading

me barking 

même tenue en laisse

exercises de style 7

exercises de style 9

a shy room 3 
l'âme de l'âne

something reasonnable

a piece of coffee

instinct 1

instinct 2
not giving it away
a little piece please

some people



a shy room 4

hanger  paintings

series of 12 paintings, 2014, pigment/egg tempera on paper, 50x65 cm


raining cats and dogs - six poems

6 poems, 2013, hand printed with single letters on paper in separate booklets

for scriptings publ. house, edition à 6 per poem


                                                  The Hedgehog                 


                                                      The Garden

                                                       Die Katze

                                                       Ein Specht

                                                      A Fox

the concrete dictionary

cover color/36 pages b/w
digital print on Munken Lynx 

available at
Section 7 Books
31, Passage Ponceau
75002 Paris